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Messages to Mom, A Mother’s Wisdom

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A tribute to a mother

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Happy Mother’s Day

I love this mother and daughter moment from 1953. My Mom (Margaret Vyhnanek) is young, in her thirties, and I’m barely one and a half. We’re sitting on our farm house steps with life ahead of us.

Mom smiles at the camera and laughs. She’s truly at ease. Meanwhile I’m concentrating on my hands and whatever I hold there. I wonder now, what did I find so fascinating? Why didn’t I look up? How often do we miss the moment by looking elsewhere?

I wish I had been more “focused” over the years, more like Mom. She never seemed distracted or rattled. She paid attention and really listened. She heard all the details and remembered. She was always looking up, not down.

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And in her arms I was always safe, secure, and loved! Happy Mother’s Day!

– Judy Warnock

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Joyce Adams

My mother Joyce Adams is the definition of the power of positivity. She became a mother at the very early age of 15 and again at 17 and she gave my sister and I everything she could in our childhood. We did not have much money growing up, but that never deterred my mother from finding an adventure or an exciting park or place for us to go and play. When I was younger, I never fully appreciated how much my mother did and how amazing she was given the young age at which she started the journey of motherhood. She raised two very strong women who both give to their community, believe in God and share willingly with others. My mother continues to give by volunteering at both hospice and church each week. She is an amazing grandmother and great grandmother and I would love to see her featured in your wonderful paper. Thank you, Mommy for everything you have given to all of us. You are AMAZING.

– Melissa Arceneaux

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A Tribute To All Mothers

Poem written by Ellie Marceau

To all the children hold on tight
Your mom loves you with all her might
When you were young and so carefree
You take for granted and really don’t see
A mothers love to see you born
Everlasting love from dusk to dawn
She is a nurse, teacher, cook and more
Always taking care of you as you mature
You find out as the years go by
How much she cared and you will know why
Where did all the years go and mom’s no longer here
To listen and advise you with her love so dear
So hold on to your mom and hold her tight
While she’s still here she’s such a delight
To all the moms still here and gone away
This tribute is to all moms forever and on all Mothers Day.

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[Courtesy photo]

An Inspiration To All

My mother, Jessie Bauer, who died in 2016 at age 101, was an inspiration to all. As she always said, she was “high on life” and enjoyed singing and entertaining as a member of The Bagel Sisters. Though my dad died at age 43, Jessie enjoyed excellent health throughout her life. She developed macular degeneration and dementia later in her 90s, but remained upbeat and social until a fall and broken hip led to her demise. No one who met Jessie ever forgot her. She was one of a kind. Here she is pictured at her 100th Birthday Party at Catholic Charities and another one entertaining in her Bagel Sister act.

– Marlene Shaw

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Mom, you were my cheerleader, my anchor, my teacher and my best friend. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and wish I could pick up the phone and hear your voice. Happy Heavenly Mother’s Day, and enjoy your celebration with Dad, Don and all our other family members and friends who have joined you. I love you Mom.

-Lynda Anderson

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Happy Mother’s Day, Jo

Bonnie Mae Loar
9.27.29 ~ 7.8.18

Life is an extraordinary journey, a tapestry woven with countless events and moments. It is a collection of memories, experiences and emotions that shape our identity and define who we are. Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchild hold this legacy close, etched in our hearts and souls, because of the person you were.

Remembering You with Love this Mother’s Day and Always.

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My mom has taught me to never give up even when everything is stacked against you. Happy mother’s day mom love you!

– Connor Fahey

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By Kathryn Acevedo

My mother taught us 5 children many things .
However these sayings that she said stand out in my mind.

Do you remember any of these?

-Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
-Take one day at a time
-Open your eyes and you will be surprised at what you’ll see
-Better late than never
-Life is short, enjoy each day
-Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket
-You can’t leave the table until your plate is clean.
-If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.
-If you have one true friend, you are blessed.
-She’s mother’s cat.
-If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
-Because I said so.
I am sure there were many more.
I believe my favorite was how to have completed JOY
J-Jesus 1st
O-Others 2nd
Y- Yourself last.

My Mom, Sylvia Peggy, was a joyful woman, and not many things would get her down. She loved my Dad, her children and her grandgems. I know she would have been thrilled with her great grandchildren nevermind her great great grandchild.
My amazing Mother is greatly missed but I see her in my sisters, my brother and even in my own children.
So I will leave you with the one more saying. Mom would say this. Every night when she turned out the lights.
Good Night
God bless you &
We love you..

Happy Mother’s Day.

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