Nature Coast Builders Association Parade of Homes kicks off on Leap Day 2020

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For about 30 years, the Nature Coast Builders Association has hosted the Parade of Homes for the Nature Coast; a tour of some of the most beautiful and stylish modern homes in Hernando County. And while the home tour, hosted by an organization that represents the interests of the building industry and the general public in Florida’s Hernando and Citrus counties, always has been a showcase of virtual radiance and excellence in the art of homebuilding, this year's tour is 'virtual' in a second important sense.

The Hernando Sun all local Christmas gift list

Finding a gift is often a difficult task, many of the people we buy gifts for can afford to buy any of these gifts themselves, so if they really wanted it they probably already have it.  One way to find a unique gift is to stay local. A gift from where you live will be unique in another area, so it is more likely to be appreciated. Local gifts are usually handmade by individuals living in your community or are the products of small businesses.

Should my business seek certification?

Whether your market is local, statewide, nationwide or global, no matter what industry your business may be in, one thing that most business owners have in common is that competition is fierce.

When competing against so many companies for clients, often the business owner will eye government entities. However, they will soon discover that competition for government contracts is just as intense.

Accuform celebrates 5 years without a lost-time accident

Accuform’s President, Rob Ogilvee and Safety Director Mike Giovinazzi take no credit for the 1825 days that Accuform has gone without a lost-time accident in the workplace.  That credit goes to their 270 employees who have embraced a “culture of safety,” putting best practices to use with regard to themselves as well as their co-workers.

Don’t Allow Economic Uncertainty to Become a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Some business owners tend to base decisions about their business on the state of the economy and what economists and industry analysts predict for future economic outlooks. While this is a sound decision, it could hinder business owners from taking advantage of key opportunities. This inadvertently helps speed up the onset of an economic slowdown and the uncertainty becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

FBI agent, sheriff's deputy address "Business Email Compromise" at PHSC Spring Hill campus

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Criminals are constantly looking for ways to steal or extort money. Online is no exception, so you have to maintain your vigilance. The Greater Hernando Chamber of Commerce's Technology Committee and PHSC teamed up to bring FBI agent Andrew Sekela to speak about email attacks he is observing. The Sheriff's office provided an overview of what they are seeing locally.