2020 History Day is one for the History Books

Each spring, middle school and high school students, along with their history teachers, look forward to History Day. After many students had spent hours on their projects, they feared that History Day would be cancelled this year due to the coronavirus. However, teachers around the state “put their heads together” to find a way to continue the tradition. With the help of Trampas Alderman, Curator of Education and Public Engagement at the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee, the anticipated event was able to take place.

Help for Families & Celebrating Life’s Special Moments

During these challenging times, families everywhere are being forced to reevaluate, reschedule and regroup; putting aside those gatherings, reunions, weddings, graduation and anniversary celebrations that serve as memories and milestones in the lives of any familial unit, to turn their attention instead to the everyday business of basic survival. 

Creativity during Covid Lockdown

This coronavirus pandemic has gotten all of us stumped. Suddenly the entire world is turned topsy-turvy and everybody is under great stress. The major concern, of course, is catching the disease. Many have lost their jobs, economic worries are mounting and airlines have all been grounded, so you can’t even get a flight to go visit your friends.  And we have been issued lock – down and stay-at-home- except- for essentials - services orders. This is a gigantic public health crisis.