Hernando County Extends a Hand to Farmers with New Round of Stimulus

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses hard around the county, and farmers are no exception. Not only did the closing of restaurants and tourism hotspots decrease the overall demand for food, but the loss of customers began just as Florida’s harvest season was beginning. By the time federal assistance became available and restaurants had begun limited re-openings, the window for Florida growers to sell their crops had closed.

From a Garden to Frazier Farms

Frazier Farms' sweet corn is one of the special benefits of living in Hernando County. If you have not had Frazier Farms' sweet corn, you have not had corn. The corn is sold as it is picked at their barn, so the corn is at the optimal sweetness. Many times the corn is picked the morning that it is sold. Otherwise, it is picked and placed in a refrigerator to maintain its farm-fresh taste.

Blackberries are Ripe for the Picking

All images were taken at Bramble Creek Farms.

U-pick fruit is as fresh as you can get and it tastes better than anything you will get in a supermarket or ever from a fruit stand. Recently, James Saffell, referred to his evening pick at Bramble Creek Farms; “It’s like blackberry heaven,” as he popped one of the tasty fruits in his mouth.

As area children finish the school year, blackberries are plentiful for those seeking a healthy snack with fresh, sweet flavor. Making a visit to a local farm to pick blackberries is a great way to kick off the summer!