CIty of Brooksville

Budget Coverage: Brooksville July 13, 2020 Special Meeting

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The Brooksville City Council discussed the General Fund and department budget needs for the 2021 Fiscal Year (FY) at the 07/13/2020 special meeting. 

Fire Department

Fire Chief Ron Snowberger’s budget presentation reflected Brooksville Fire Department’s (BFD) three objectives in providing services to city residents and business owners. There should be realistic, responsible and reliable professional responses to emergencies, Snowberger said.

Brooksville City Council directs committee review of splash park

Parks and Recreation Director Angie Whisnant reviewed the Parks Master Plan information with council members during the Nov. 4 council meeting. Elliot Barth, a University of Florida student studying Landscape Architecture, took on the project. 

With the coordination of the previous Parks and Recreation Director Mike Walker, Barth gathered information from Brooksville’s citizens at four public meetings. Whisnant summarized the results of those meetings. 

Sanitary Sewer System Rehabilitation Phase IV

Alan Schaffer with Cardno Engineering presented to the Brooksville City Council on Monday Oct. 7, 2019 explaining Phase IV of the Sewer Rehabilitation Project.  Portions of the city’s sanitary waste lines were constructed as early as 1928 with continued expansion between 1958 and 1968.

Schaffer commented with a somewhat bemused tone, “Actually the older systems back in ‘28 are in better shape than newer systems back from... ‘58 to’68.”

Brooksville seeks legislative funding for public works and fire department projects

The City of Brooksville (City) met with their lobbyist group, Sunrise Consulting Group, on the 16th of September 2019 to discuss the possibility that some of the upcoming utilities projects may qualify for legislative funding. The Public Works products proposed for funding during the Sept. 16th Brooksville City Council meeting are the Brooksville Sewer Rehabilitation Phase VI, Reuse water to Cascades Residential, and Lamar Drinking Water Plant. In addition, one (1) Fire and EMS project proposal was discussed.   

Sewer Rehabilitation Project

City will retain PRM as insurance provider

The City of Brooksville requested Public Risk Management of Florida (PRM) to present before the city council on Sept. 16, 2019. PRM is an association of 60 self-insured public entities within Florida, including the City of Brooksville (City). The City and PRM are engaged in a two year fixed rate contract, entering the second year. The City has been a member of PRM, since 2004. As such, the City has earned $510,000 as credit toward the renewal premium. PRM is a subsidiary of World Risk Management (WRM) and as such are able to access resources beyond their size.

City council takes no action on golf cart issue

The City of Brooksville (City) has been engaged in discussion regarding how to address the use of golf carts on portions of the public roadways within the city. During the September 16, 2019 Brooksville City Council meeting the discussion came to fruition. In 2016, the now disbanded Brooksville Police Department’s Chief of Police designated specific segments of Barnett Rd. as lawful areas for golf carts to cross. This was in response to several requests by residents of the Southway Villas Development.

Future plans for Uptown Market

During the Sept. 16th, 2019 Brooksville City Council meeting Rory Steele with Destination Brooksville reported on the Uptown Market (Market) pop-up markets that have been held thus far and on the future plans for the market. The pop-up market has been held seven (7) times, occurring the second and fourth Saturday of each month. The Markets are open from 8A.M. to 12P.M.

Brooksville Main Street program funding tabled for attorney meeting

BROOKSVILLE- During the Sept. 4, 2019 Brooksville City Council meeting, the city council earmarked $45,000 to the Brooksville Vision Foundation (Foundation) for Fiscal Year 19-20 with the purpose of operating the Brooksville Main Street program. The Vision Foundation has helped with the operation of Brooksville’s Main Street program since 2017. 

Comparison of Sheriff's Office and Brooksville PD service and arrest statistics

The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) began law enforcement operations in the City of Brooksville (City) June 1st, 2018. On Sept. 16th, 2019 Lt. John McMurdo, HCSO, presented a review of the first year of service to the City. Lt. McMurdo expressed gratitude toward Mr. Kutney, City Manager, for his role in the smooth transition. Following this, Lt. McMurdo explained that the data to be presented had been collected through the sheriff’s office’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD).