Hernando Beach

BOCC Looks to Citrus County for Restoration Ideas

At the request of Commissioner John Allocco, Dr. Michelle Sivilich, Executive Director of Save Crystal River, Inc., provided the Board of County Commissioners with a presentation regarding the Kings Bay Restoration Project on Feb. 25, 2020. Dr. Sivilich discussed the processes used and the efforts of the pilot restoration project, which entails the last five years.  

Hernando Beach Community Firehouse Fall Festival & Lighting Ceremony

VFW members Sue Preuss and Lisa Spencer provided the hot cocoa and coffee, welcoming and warming the visitors of the Hernando Beach Fire Rescue (HCFR 6) on Saturday, November 30, at the Community Firehouse Fall Festival & Lighting Ceremony.  

Local artists filled the bays usually occupied by fire engines and equipment while those vehicles were toured by local kids getting an insider peek into the daily life of a Hernando Beach Firefighter Paramedic.

Commercial Shrimping: Small Creature, Big Controversy

Photography by Elizabeth Dentato

Hernando County has been rebranded as the Adventure Coast, but it is also known for its commercial fishing, an industry which brings in millions of dollars to the county. According to the Florida Marine Research Institute, shrimp was the top species harvested by commercial fishermen in 2013. Hernando County harvested 1.5 million pounds of shrimp that year. Over the past three years, that figure has doubled. It is a big business, and local families depend on this industry to pay their mortgages and other household costs.

Possible Dock Changes in Marine Construction Code

Hernando Sun Staff

credit: stg_gr1

Assistant County Administrator Ronald Pianta and Zoning Supervisor Christopher Linsbeck presented an amendment to the Marine Construction Code Ordinance on February 9, 2016. According to Mr. Pianta, the current ordinance is outdated and overly restrictive. The proposed ordinance will allow an increase in dock length from 22 feet to 40 feet, measured up to 25% of the width of the waterway.