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FLORIDA Notice of Public Sale

Notice of Public Sale

Notice is hereby given that Storage King USA at 3663 Commercial Way, Spring Hill, FL 34606 will sell the contents of the storage units listed below at a public auction to satisfy a lien placed on the contents (pursuant  to Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes). The sale will take place at the website StorageStuff.Bid on 08/20/2018 at 9:00 am. The sale will be conducted under the direction of Christopher Rosa (AU4167) and StorageStuff.Bid (AB3482) on behalf of the facility’s management. Units will be available for viewing prior to the sale on StorageStuff.Bid. Contents will be sold for cash only to the highest bidder. A 10% buyer’s premium will be charged as well as a $100 cleaning deposit per unit. All sales are final. Seller reserves the right to withdraw the property at any time before the sale or  to refuse any bids. The property to be sold is described as “general household items” unless otherwise noted. Unit #0135 Bruce Durden, #0117 Terry Freeman, #0316 Darren DeLeonardis, #0318 Darren DeLeonardis, #0192 Carlos Patino, #0338 Jan Tittenbrun, #0341 Lisa Ignacio, #0345 Lisa Ignacio, #0075 Danielle Shafritz, #0180 Timothy Davis, #0333 Savannah Dominici, #0253 Steven Melvin, #0062 Steven Melvin. 

(08/03/2018), (08/10/2018)