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NAICC Inc. NOTICE of NON-CONSENT to unlawful quarantines

NAICC Inc. NOTICE of NON-CONSENT to unlawful quarantines
Please announce the Native American Indigenous Church, Native American Indigenous Church Inc. (NAIC Inc.) (Incorporation Florida Number N16000007439 since July 28, 2016) To whom it may concern. Specifically, governmental entities of any ilk, i.e., Federal, State, County, City, Village, or any other incorporated governmental entity or contractor working on their behalf… A. We as citizens and tribal organization members [both] have unalienable rights recognized in the original US Constitution that any agenda cannot supersede nor be removed from me. B. Our unalienable rights are harmed by agendas implemented by oath-sworn elected officials, corporate executives, or non-elected officials (collectively “Agents Of Harm”). These include, without limitation:

i. Our free rights to speak, travel, do commerce, work, assemble, and be free of surveillance without warrant.

ii. A threat of medical procedures, testing, or experimentation without my consent.

iii. Threats of punitive detention, violence, and or harm for non-compliance. C. Our unalienable rights are NOT conditional – i.e., subject to proving I am not contagious, submitting to surveillance, or anything that would cause me harm – properly called “extortion.”NOTICE OF NON-CONSENT . Let it be known throughout all jurisdictions and dimensions that: A. We [N.A.I.C. Tribal Org Members] do not consent to be harmed by any imposition of quarantine or restriction on my Constitutional right to assemble, work, travel, speak, or do commerce. B. We [N.A.I.C. Tribal Org Members] do not consent to be told to live in fear, nor made to wear a mask, nor being mandated allowable proximity to others, nor being made subject to “contract tracing” surveillance. C. We [N.A.I.C. Tribal Org Members] do not consent to any offer of forced medical experimentation or testing nor forced medical procedure (i.e., vaccine, or substance delivered by air, water, or other means without my knowledge and consent), nor exposure to radiation from deployments of 4G/5G/wireless infrastructure; nor being tracked by any technology or biometric device on or adjacent to my body. D. We [N.A.I.C. Tribal Org Members] accept your oath of office as your sworn statement, which compels you to uphold the Constitutional against all enemies, foreign and domestic; to protect my rights; and to exhibit a duty of care to respond appropriately when informed of harm taking place. E. We [N.A.I.C. Inc.Tribal Org Members] reserve all our rights severally and individually and as a tribal organization rights, “nunc pro tunc,” to pursue a legal and lawful remedy for all harm and threats of harm, which may constitute criminal assault and or tort, caused or contributed by Agents Of Harm. We [N.A.I.C. Inc. and as Individual Members] reserve the right to seek legal and lawful remedy unless and until the stated harmful actions cease. We [N.A.I.C. Tribal Org Members] sincerely hope that you perceive the gravity of the present situation and choose to be on the right side of this matter – the side where Constitutional rights are defended. We have a chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Elders of the Native American Indigenous Church, This Day is May 14th. 2020

Published: October 13, 2023