Oct. 7 – 13, 2022 Teacher Guide

Activities and Questions based on October 7, 2022 – Oct. 13, 2022 issue
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Critical thinking activity for High School: (G.K12.3.3.2a – Fact versus Opinion: Identify fact and opinion and recognizes the important implications for each.)
Read the editorial by Dr. Domenick Maglio on page A-9. Then write an essay of at least 400 words listing two facts that he brings up and two opinions that he states. Explain your choices.
Extra Credit: Write an essay of at least 450 words debating the pro or the con side of this statement: “It is advisable to read, watch or listen to commentaries on both sides of an issue before forming an opinion on that issue.”

Composition activity for High School: (ELA.10.C.1.4 – Write expository texts to explain and analyze information from multiple sources, using a logical organization, purposeful transitions, and a tone and voice appropriate to the task.)
Read the article on pg. A-7 about Tom Varn, this year’s Great Brooksvillian. Write a 500-word essay on three other people who have been named as Great Brooksvillians in the past. If you quote something from any resource be sure it’s not more than one or two sentences and put quotation marks around the sentences. Also, note where you got your information (the website address or the name of the article or book. (HINT: For information on past winners go to www.hernandosun.com and type “great Brooksvillian” in the search field)

Math activity for Middle School (MA.7.NSO.1 – Rewrite numbers in equivalent forms)
Study the ad for Phoenix Capital Group on page A-3 and calculate the answers to the following questions:
If an investment pays a return of 2% what would that be in decimal form?
What would that number be in the form of a fraction?
If an investment pays a return of 8% what would that be in decimal form and in fraction form?
If you invested $1000 in a certificate of deposit that had a 4% annual rate of return how much would you make after one year if the interest was not compounded monthly?
How much money would you have in all if you invested that same amount and it was compounded annually and you kept the money in there for 5 years? Compounding means that you get a return not just on the amount of money you invested at the beginning, but then you get a return on the interest you earned plus the original amount you invested. For example, $100 invested at 10% rate of return after 1 year would earn you $10, making your investment worth $110. If the interest is compounded, the next year you would have made $11 interest making your investment worth $121 ($110 x 10%). Let’s say you kept that money in there for 5 years and didn’t add anything to it or take anything out, you would have $146.41.

Composition activity for Middle School: (WL.K12.AM.5.6 – Produce a persuasive essay and sustain and justify opinions and arguments in writing.)
Read the article on page B-1 that continues on B-3 entitled “Local Agencies Provide Post-Ian Assistance”. Then write an essay of at least 400 words dealing with the topic of hurricanes and other natural disasters – the best ways to prepare for these events and the best ways to handle the aftermath of these events. You may use one or two ideas from the article, but the rest need to come from your research. Pretend you are talking to someone who does not believe in helping people affected by the disaster and says that they should have been better prepared. What would you say to try and change their mind?
If you quote something from any resource be sure it’s not more than one or two sentences and put quotation marks around the sentences. Also note where you got your information (the website address or the name of the article or book).

Comprehension activity for Elementary School: (ELA.K12.EE.3. – Make inferences to support comprehension)
Read the article on page B-8 about the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization, then answer the following questions;
Why do you think there is a need for an organization like Big Brothers/Big Sisters?
If you were a grown-up do you think you would become a Big Brother or Big Sister? Why or why not?
Why do you think that Ms. McKendree wants to speak at churches and clubs?
Why do you think that the organization is participating in so many event?
Why do you think the organization is especially looking for older adults to become Big Brothers and Big Sisters?

Vocabulary activity for Elementary School: (ELA.4.V.1.3 – Use context clues, figurative language, word relationships, reference materials, and/or background knowledge to determine the meaning of multiple-meaning and unknown words and phrases, appropriate to grade level.)
Read the article on pg. B-8 about the Safety and Fun Fest. Choose the best meaning for each of these words by looking at how it is used in the sentence:
showcase (a. place where items are displayed; b. place where you see a show or movie; c. to exhibit something)
annual (a. a book that schools publish with pictures of the students; b. happening every year;
c. something that belongs to someone named Ann)
economy (a. the wealth of the people in a city, state, or country; b. the plants and animals of an area; c. what someone says when they want you to give them something)
boon (a. an early explorer of the American frontier; b. a benefit to someone or something; c. a loud noise)
enhance (a. something that is in your hand; b. in a city called Hance; c. to make something better)
personnel (a. people who work somewhere; b. belonging to someone; c. a small hiding place for a person that’s shaped like an “L”)
vendor (a. person who sells something; b. a type of door; c. how someone who can’t speak English well would say: “When is the door going to be open?”)
waive (a. move your hand in a motion to say goodbye; b. to surf in the ocean; c. to allow someone not to have to do something)

Extra Credit Assignment #1: Write a sentence using a different form of the word than the one in the article. For example, if the word is an adjective like “rosy,” change it to a noun – “rose” and then use that word in an original sentence.
Extra Credit Assignment #2: Write one to three paragraphs (or more) using this week’s vocabulary words or a form of the word. You can use as many or as few of the words as you like; however, your paragraphs must make sense. In other words, don’t just write sentences that don’t go together to discuss a topic or create a story.

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