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Celebrating the life of Kristie Marie Hampton

With a heavy heart, I want to take a moment to reflect a little bit on the life of the most incredible, wonderful and passionate woman that I’ve ever known. This woman is my best friend and mother, Kristie Hampton, or more known to her family and friends as Kristie Bell.

Those who knew her would describe her as someone who had the most beautiful smile, someone who spoke with such kindness and grace, and had an infectious laugh. Her radiance and light has affected every person that has walked beside her in this life, and her impact on us is greater than she’ll ever know.

My mother was a person who stuck to her guns and lived her life the way that she wanted to, not how everyone else said to.

Stubborn and sassy, she took the world by storm every day. A perfectly beautiful, crazy and endearing storm, might I add.

With a daring spirit, Kristie was always seeking out her next adventure. She felt at home in nature, especially by the ocean. She lived freely with no regrets, she loved to go kayaking, hiking, biking, scuba diving, snorkeling, she was always on the move!

And once an 80s rock queen – always an 80s rock queen. Kristie loved to attend live music concerts with her loved ones and rock her heart out. Some of my favorite memories of her are during these times.

She can sing and dance with the best of them, trust me!

I can’t emphasize enough how caring and selfless my mother was. I could go on all day about her truthfully, but her character speaks for itself through the people that she has left behind. Every day we bring to life her sunshine and warmth by living our lives in a way that would make her proud; through doing the things that she loved to do and spreading her humor and generosity every where we go.

And don’t worry, Kristie isn’t gone forever. But, she may be lost for a little while. Like she always used to say, “Some days I feel like a fish out of water. If you find me on one of those days, please return me to the beach.”

She must be out there somewhere cruising the surf. Until we meet again.

Kristie Marie Hampton, age 52, passed away on Sunday, April 2, 2023. She is welcomed home with loving arms by her father William Lee Head. She is survived by her mother Shayla Tevz, her other-father John Tevz, brother William Head, her children Austin & Summer Hampton and so so many cousins, aunts, uncles and friends who loved her deeply.

Written by Summer Hampton