Advantages of Pet Therapy with Dementia

Many caregivers are searching for natural health remedies these days. One treatment I’ve discovered that takes the edge off the anxiety of those living with dementia is a loveable pet.

When I was caring for my dad there were times where he became saturated with confusion. I would simply place our cat named Kitty on his lap and casually tell him that Kitty was lonesome and in dire need of love and attention. Giving both his hands and his mind something to focus on, his panic seemed to evaporate as soon as the purring commenced.


Dirt Pudding

1 15oz pkg. Oreo cookies
2 pkg. Instant chocolate pudding
4 cups milk
8 oz. Cream cheese (room temperature)
¼ cup butter (room temperature)
1 cup powdered sugar
1 8 oz. Cool whip
Gummy worms or choice of toppings


Choice of fine or course crushed Oreo cookies  (set aside) Large bowl: mix both packages of pudding mix with milk. In another bowl beat together the cream cheese and butter on medium speed until fluffy. Est time 3 minutes.

Book It! Free pizza for reading

Hernando Sun Staff

In 1984, the son of Steven Reinemund (the president of Pizza Hut) was having trouble reading. Steve wanted to encourage his son to read, so he made a deal with his son. If his son read enough books, he would take him to Pizza Hut, just the two of them. Steve was a busy man, so this was a very strong incentive. This inspired his son to read and the father thought that this could help other students, so he set up the Book It! National Reading Incentive Program.

Check it out: Family Fun at Springleton Fun Park

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Matthew Knapp on the track at Springleton Fun Park.

The county's first go-kart park opened in 1973 by Jimmy Rodgers and family. The park was located on Weatherly Rd off of Mondon Hill Rd. The charge for 10 minutes around the track was just a dollar. This track is no longer open, but another track was established in Hernando County located off of Countyline Rd, now known as Springleton Fun Park.