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Red Light Cameras: Two Courts, Two Outcomes

There are two "courts" in which you can challenge your red light camera ticket. The first is the Administrative hearing that you will receive if you respond to either your "Notice of Red Traffic Signal Violation" or "Reminder Notice" from the City of Brooksville. In these hearings, it is very rare for a red light camera ticket to be overturned by the Magistrate.

Brooksville Council Members Reach Settlement with Sensys

Brooksville's Red Light Camera Sign

After hours of executive sessions, the City Council of Brooksville decided to establish a new contract with the red light camera corporation, Sensys. The contract will have an end date of October 31, 2016. Sensys threatened the city with a lawsuit for damages and lost revenues, since the city wished to end the red light program in December of this year. When the city of Brooksville realized a lawsuit was on the horizon, they filed for a Declaratory Judgement.

Right on Red Ordinance Change in City of Brooksville

by Julie Maglio

BROOKSVILLE- Brooksville City Council Members voted to approve the first reading of an ordinance that redefines “careful and prudent” in regards to right hand turns on red. During February's regularly scheduled council meeting, council members voted to not renew the Sensys red light camera contract and consider a new definition of “careful and prudent” in regards to rights on red. Currently the ordinance defines “careful and prudent” as making a right hand turn at less than 5 mph.

Green Light for Brooksville's Red Light Cameras?

The City of Brooksville adopted an ordinance authorizing the use of red light cameras within city limits. When this ordinance passed, the City of Brooksville contracted with SenSys America Inc. to operate and enforce the red light program. Patrick and Shirley Miketinac proposed an amendment to the City of Brooksville Charter that would ban red light cameras and other related devices for detecting traffic violations within city limits. As the amendment is written, it would ban these devices for any current and future use.