New learning tool for visually impaired

Photos submitted by Maggie LeDoux

Eastside Elementary's 3D printer, newly acquired as part of their makerspace lab, was used to create the tactile cards.

When Moton Elementary School Speech Language Pathologist Maggie LeDoux first met one of her kindergarten students last year, she knew she would have her work cut out for her. The student has cerebral palsy, was on the Autism Spectrum and was born blind. Because of his multiple disabilities, resources that will help him learn are tough to find. “People don’t realize that there is a limited access to materials for multiple disability kids,” said LeDoux.

Boy, 13, makes wish to be President for one day

Preston Hennessey

Not many people would want to be President of the United States. For 13-year-old Preston Hennessey, diagnosed with Obstructive Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Marfan Syndrome just this past July, spending a week in the Oval Office is his fondest wish.

His mother, Helise Flickstein, has appealed to the Make a Wish Foundation. So far the organization has approved a “Meet and Greet” with President Trump, but Preston would still like to try his hand at governing the United States for a short time. His dream is one day to be President for real.

City stakeholders fight for Brooksville PD

Petitions to recall Robert Battista, Betty Erhard and  William Kemerer

While council members emphasize that disbanding the Brooksville Police Department is not something they are seeking to do, asking the Sheriff’s Office about what it would cost them to provide a level of service equivalent to the city police force would imply that the option may be on the table. Many community stakeholders came to that conclusion following the Nov. 27 special meeting. Council members stated on Dec. 4 that the inquiry is part of their thorough evaluation of the costs relating to law enforcement, due to the worrisome budget situation.

Remembering Doc Hensley: Service to God, Family, Community

Family, friends and community members gathered Monday night, Dec. 4, 2017, nearly filling the First Baptist Church of Brooksville to say goodbye to prominent Chiropractor Donald “Doc” Hensley. Doc was also known for his service to Brooksville in other capacities, serving for seven years as Director of Hernando Youth League, a member of the Hernando County School Board for eight years and football team doctor for over thirty years at Hernando High School.

‘Mama Allie’ — Lykes Matriarch

“Mama Allie,” Almeria Belle Mackay Lykes, via International Museum of Women.

“Mama Allie,” the matriarch of the Lykes Family, mother to seven sons and one daughter, is being honored by the International Museum of Women’s Pillar Program. Almeria Belle Mackay Lykes, youngest child of Captain James Mackay Sr., a Tampa shipping and real estate tycoon and wife to Dr. Howell T. Lykes was known by her family as “Mama Allie.” In order to celebrate her contributions to her community and family, Lykes family members made generous donations to the International Museum of Women Pillar Program in her honor.  

Local sculptor dabbles in the whimsical

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A working lighthouse that local sculptor, Jeff Guzlas made from a discarded piece of pipeline. It is sited at Cody's RV park in north Weeki Wachee. Photo  by Sue Quigley

I just love this place,” said artist Jeff Guzlas of the 15-acres of natural old Florida land and small RV park he bought 15 years ago.

Located between a golf course community and thousands of acres of nature preserves, his park is located close to Weeki Wachee Springs State Park and the Gulf of Mexico.
A builder by trade from northern Illinois, Guzlas bought the property in 2004 and never wants to leave.

Men who made Towns

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Map of Benton County with the town of Augusta

The origin of many of the towns in our area can be traced back to a single family or man. Sometimes it was the first man to make the river crossing easier. The settlers from miles around would use that river crossing and merchants would come to the river crossing and sell their wares. A town would start to grow where all the people gathered. Another origin of the these towns was protection. Newly arrived settlers would want to live near a well established family, so they could gather at that house in case of attack.