The Wound Part 1

By Jessica Williams
Hernando Sun

At 16 years old, I watched my father be lifted into an ambulance only to see his lifeless, tall body a short time later in a cold hospital room. After they removed the breathing machines, my mother removed his wedding ring from his limp hand. She gave it to me to keep. It would be the last time we would see him and I would never hear his voice or be comforted by his warm hugs again. The next day I returned to school because I desperately wanted to feel normal.

Two years later, I was failing college.

Legislators: consider repercussions of legal notice bills

Our legislators are elected to fix problems in their local communities, and protect their local communities.  Their responsibilities can be equated to the physician’s responsibility to heal their patients and lookout for their well being. This is why we have a representative democracy, we do not have time to educate ourselves on all the issues, so we choose people to represent us.

Beware of Governmental Mandate Claims

When you hear a government official talking about mandates from another part of the government, you need to verify that it is, in fact, a mandate. Generally, the representative of the people paying the taxes will have the final decision, so you should be suspicious if your representative says that a new expense "mandated by another part of government" cannot be rejected. 

GOOFY STUFF: Items of the Third Kind

Item: Maybe someone does, but I don’t order just eggrolls when I’m eating oriental.  The eggroll is a side dish like rice and potstickers, and I certainly don’t cut open the roll to eat only the insides.  But my wife saw something on her phone and wanted to try it, a dish of the eggroll ingredients, or perhaps a spring roll, I’m not sure: crumbled pork and many veggies with fifty percent cabbage (which she got from her garden, and they taste great!  I love “cabbage water” ref: Willy Wonka…1971, but I like mine with slices of parsnip and garnished with the chopped greens of table o

Kids used to imitate parents, now parents act like kids

In these modern times there are many new electronic devices introduced almost daily. The pace of change has shifted into fast gear on all levels of our culture. This change happened so rapidly, that it seemed like it was allowing little time to evaluate the consequences of these devices. They have altered the way we interact with others. Presently we have the ability to communicate with people directly in any part of the world.

Family Found Living In A Wooden Box

Just recently a family was found living in a large box made of plywood in a desert in California. The parents, 51-year-old Mona Kirk and 73-year-old Daniel Panico had three children ages 11, 13 and 14. It has been said that they also had thirty to forty cats. The parents were arrested for child abuse. But was that really necessary…

It is apparent that the family did not have any money for a proper shelter so they made their own and the children were not properly nourished.

Click bait article exploits areas with high poverty and drug use

Recently a self categorized ‘infotainment’ article listed Brooksville as the number 2 “white trash” city in Florida and Spring Hill as number 5. The article explains that they examined,

“Cities where there are lots of white people

Cities where residents are poorer than average

Cities where a high number of residents are high school dropouts

High drug use

Higher than average Payday Loan Outlets and Dollar Stores

Violent cities (measured in aggravated assaults)

Cities with a high number of residents on welfare”

Government power has to be constantly pruned

Dr. Domenick Maglio

The only way to eliminate government’s heel on the neck of citizens is to cut away the rotten waste in all the many bureaucracies. This pruning back of the ever- overgrowing length of all the tentacles reaching out to choke us into submission has to be regularly done. As soon as a task is done, the process has to begin again or it will become too overwhelming to get these territorial kingdoms dismantled without drastic action, such as a revolution. Thomas Jefferson suggested these shake-ups should occur at twenty-year intervals.