Spring Hill

Local Citizens Join Together to Clean up Historic Cemetery

Drivers traveling east on Ft. Dade Avenue can easily overlook the beautiful tree-shaded Spring Hill African-American cemetery that sits off the road. However, if you stop to look, you’ll see a large assortment of graves, some dating back to the early 1900s. Unfortunately, the cemetery has been vandalized numerous times over the past decades. The vandalism has included garbage dumping, desecration of graves and bones removed and theft of an American flag and flag pole.   

Check it out: Family Fun at Springleton Fun Park

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Matthew Knapp on the track at Springleton Fun Park.

The county's first go-kart park opened in 1973 by Jimmy Rodgers and family. The park was located on Weatherly Rd off of Mondon Hill Rd. The charge for 10 minutes around the track was just a dollar. This track is no longer open, but another track was established in Hernando County located off of Countyline Rd, now known as Springleton Fun Park.

Spring Hill reaches states in Minors

With a chance to automatically advance to the state tournament on the line, the Spring Hill National AAA Minors (age 9-10) All-Stars came up with a clutch victory on Thursday.
SH National trounced San Antonio, 15-2, on the final day of the District 6 Tournament held at Kenny Dixon Sports Complex in Bushnell, assuring a trip to states, which begins July 16 in Sebring.
“The kids came to play,” SH National head coach Larry Marsh said. “They were all excited when we told them they were playing for runner-up.”

Pigeon racing club draws members from local community, nation and world

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

 Pigeon Transport Trailer

Gulfcoast Homing Club is a local pigeon racing club here in Hernando County.

“We have the largest club in the world,” said Vernon Young, president of the Gulfcoast Homing Club.

Civilizations have utilized homing pigeons for sport, communication and in times of war for centuries. Pigeons can be extremely valuable, some having sold for hundreds of thousand of dollars.

Best little secret in Spring Hill

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Beautiful Iris are growing throughout the gardens.

Nestled just before the curve on Parker Street you are greeted by a huge monkey tree guarding the entrance. It’s a hidden gem in Spring Hill that not many people know about.

Welcome to the Nature Coast Botanical Gardens. Encompassed within the Nature Coast Botanical Gardens are three lush acres with pretty much every tree, plant and flower you can think of that flourishes here in Florida.

Frank Roderus, of Spring Hill, was one of America’s most prolific Western novel writers

Jess Moore

Editor’s note: The author of this obituary was a close friend of Frank Roderus for nearly 50 years. Because Mr. Roderus shunned the camera, the only photographs we have of him are of poor quality.

Frank Roderus, of Spring Hill, one of America’s most prolific Western novel writers, passed away December 17 after a short illness.

Mike Bray, a writer in Las Vegas, NV wrote online last week, “I lost a friend yesterday and the world lost one of the greatest western writers of our time.”