Walk on the Wild Side VII

In this segment, we have a few very special flowering plants, the Florida Milkvine and the wild orchid, Rose Pogonia. These flowering plants flourish and thrive right where they are, in the wild. The reason these and any other flowering plants grow in a particular spot or area is because it’s their preferred natural habitat. The soil, the amount of shade or sunlight and other natural factors including wildfire give them life, energy, and nutrients to grow.

A Mission to Save Florida Native Plants

For the past month, Lilly Browning, Hernando County Utilities Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program Coordinator, and I showcased some beautiful native wildflowers and flowering plants that thrive in Hernando County. 

Luckily these beauties can be found in parks, preserves, wildlife management areas, and environmental areas. But some native plants are not so lucky. 



THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, July 12, 2017......... The final forecast of the 2016-2017 season for Florida's struggling citrus industry shows the orange crop falling 16 percent from the previous season --- which, itself, had been at a five-decades low.

And after a season of severe drought, combined with the continued fight against a deadly citrus disease and the expansion of residential development, the news wasn't any better for grapefruit farming, where production dropped 28 percent from the prior year.

Pigeon racing club draws members from local community, nation and world

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

 Pigeon Transport Trailer

Gulfcoast Homing Club is a local pigeon racing club here in Hernando County.

“We have the largest club in the world,” said Vernon Young, president of the Gulfcoast Homing Club.

Civilizations have utilized homing pigeons for sport, communication and in times of war for centuries. Pigeons can be extremely valuable, some having sold for hundreds of thousand of dollars.

U-Pick Blueberries

It's u-pick blueberry season once again. Several different varieties of blueberries are growing in the fields and Hernando County’s blueberry farms are just bursting with flavor.

U-pick is a fun and educational adventure the whole family will enjoy.

We put together a list of Blueberry U-Pick Farms for you to visit. Please visit their websites for picking days and hours.

Meditation in Motion

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

TaiChi_Tom Dampman, Instructor for TaiChi Classes being offered at Jerome Brown Community Center in Brooksville, Florida

Check it out: Tai Chi | Meditation in Motion

The City of Brooksville Parks and Recreation offers programs for just about any age. One particular program is Tai Chi.

For the mind, body and soul; Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition. It involves a series of movements at a slow pace as well as balance and deep breathing.

Tom Dampman, Tai Chi instructor, teaches the proper movements which can be beneficial to your health.

According to the Mayo Clinic the benefits of learning Tai Chi may include:

•Decreased stress, anxiety and depression

Transition of Florida

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Historic Hernando Perservation Soickety President Don Moses with Dr. Steve Noll (right). Photo by Alice Mary Herden

The Historic Hernando Preservation Society guest speaker Steve Noll, Ph.D. University of Florida held a lecture at City Hall Thursday night. The guest speaker teaches the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, the History of Disability in America, and Florida History at University of Florida. He has published three books: Feeble-Minded in our Midst, Mental Retardation in America, and Ditch of Dreams: The Cross-Florida Barge Canal and the Struggle for Florida’s Future.