Stranger in the house

Throughout my years of educating caregivers on dementia care, I’ve constantly stressed how important it is that caregivers understand the difference between a delusion and a hallucination. Caregivers need to be able to correctly describe what the patient is experiencing, to his or her physician. The reason being: we don’t want our healthcare professionals to start throwing heavy dosages of medications at them when our loved ones are only delusional.

Common Sense Caregiving: Trying to Keep Your Cool while Caregiving

Mr. Gary Joseph LeBlanc is a health columnist specializing in dementia care. He has authored over 350 articles on the subject.

It is a widely accepted fact that being a caregiver for someone living with dementia is an incredibly stressful undertaking. If this is you, then you know the amount of pressure can be emotionally crushing. Having been a caregiver myself, I accepted a long time ago that we're only human and, eventually, we likely will have a meltdown due to the incessant responsibilities upon our shoulders. It can happen to the best of us.

Innovative Alzheimer's Treatment Studied at Meridien Research

When you pass the nondescript sign on Cortez Boulevard for Meridien Research you may wonder what goes on there. Well, there is an interesting answer to that question. Meridien Research is currently one of 90 medical research facilities nationwide that will be conducting a study on a pharmaceutical drug called AC1204 that treats alzheimer's disease in a way unlike traditional medications.