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Comprehensive Plan Amendment for Oak Hill Villas Denied

By a 4-1 vote, the  Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) turned down the request of the Benge Development Corporation to change the Future Land Use map for the property partially located at the north corner of Northcliffe Boulevard and Puritan Lane.  Benge had planned to build a residential community of 90 homes currently designated as Oak Hill Villas.

The Planning and Zoning Commission recommended approval to the Comprehensive Plan, as well as rezoning the 20-acre parcel preliminarily termed  “Oak Hill Villas.”

Proposed Changes to Super Majority Voted Down

Land Development Regulations are part of Chapter 23 of the Hernando County Municipal Code. Florida Statute 125.66 (4)(b) outlines how the public should be notified of any proposed changes to the local ordinances. It also describes how public hearings pertaining to these changes should be held, with one occurring during the business day and one occurring in the evening of a business day. However, “a majority plus one” could agree that both hearings could be held during the business day. In the case of Hernando County, that supermajority is four.