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Wednesday, September 20, 2023
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Water, water everywhere

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Bystre Lake overflows once again, flooding the pastures along Mondon Hill Rd, closing side street WPA. Typically, by the time the floodwaters of Bystre Lake reach WPA Rd, residents are already dealing with the flooding of their driveways, yards and homes. Flood waters are now creeping closer to Mondon Hill Rd.  

Birds are the only ones enjoying the extra water as it provides them with more places to hunt for food.  

Flood waters are already halfway up trees, and with more rain coming it will only get deeper.

Although the road is closed, people are still attempting to cross WPA, but there are areas that are particularly treacherous – where it’s deep enough to damage your vehicle or cause it to stall out.  

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Residents on north side of Mondon Hill just east of WPA are completely surrounded by flood waters.  Just west of WPA Road, Shaver Road is going underwater.

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