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Girls Golf: Springstead 269, Hernando 258

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Springstead and Hernando went up against Citrus, Thursday Sept. 6, 2018 at Brooksville Country Club.

Leopards’ Ali Shenefield, Eagles’ Kayleigh Marquart with Hurricanes’ Cameron Dempsey were at position one.

“I started out pretty rough, did okay, went back to pretty rough, but I finished well,” Leopards Ali Shenefield said. “I got 2 par 3’s, I was pretty happy about that.”

Hernando dominated the course, having seven golfers on the green. Shenefield took the match over her competitors with a score of 58. 

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“I need to work on my chipping a lot more, I have been working on my putting- I was glad I was better today then what I was last week,” Shenefield said. “I am going to focus getting on the green better. My drive is good, I just need to work on in between shots to the green.” 

Sept. 18 Hernando heads back to the course at Oak Hills to be matched up with Springstead and Central.

“Today I thought I did alright, there were a few holes that were if-y,” Eagles’ Kayleigh Marquart said. “My chipping was really good today. I was really impressed because I hit the pole a few times.” 

Eagles’ Kayleigh Marquart scored a 59, giving motivation on the green for their next match at Glen Lakes on Thursday, Sept. 13 against Weeki Wachee.

“Everything can always get better, but for my first match I thought I was pretty good,” Marquart said.

Sarah Bell played on the girls golf team during her high school years at Springstead and now the 2003 Springstead graduate is coaching the Lady Eagles on the green. 

“I love golf,” Bell said. “Golf was something I always wanted to coach.”

I try to really focus on what the girls need and what their goals are. I try to teach them how to play smart and be smart players, helping them fine tune their game.” 

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