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PHSC Basketball- HIgh School Senior Showcase for College Prospects

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PHSC Basketball head coach Micheal Jones and Asst. Coach Larry Behm coordinates three High School Senior Basketball Showcases a year at the West Campus in New Port Richey.

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On January 5, high school seniors from Orange, Volusia and Charlotte County brought everything they had to display their knowledge and skills on the court during the second showcase.

“The main objective for today was to observe talent,” Jones said.

The showcase started with basic drills, agility, and speed. Later the student-athletes displayed how well they worked together as a team, both offensive and defensive during a mini half court game.

“We try to see if they understand the drills right off the bat,” Beham said. “At this level, you don’t have time walk them through every drill like they do in high school.”

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Both coaches look for initiative; the ability to set up plays, the ability to follow play set-ups as well as how adequate they are in their response time, interaction with players, and utilizing individual skill levels.

“We don’t expect them to play where our guys are at now,” Jones said. “It’s whether they have enough talent to carry them now until they come here.”

The showcase is designed to observe potential players on the Bobcats home court and to give those high school seniors an advantage to be ahead of the game, so in case you missed the first two showcases, PHSC will hold their last High School Senior Basketball Showcase on March 30.


More information about the High School Senior Showcase contact Micheal Jones @ 727-816-3340 or Email: [email protected]


Lisa MacNeil
Lisa MacNeil
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