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Time for a ‘Time Out’

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By Heather Francis

“Be still, and know that I am God…”   
(Psalm 46:10 KJV)

Have you ever had a major decision to make and didn’t know what to do?
Of course, so.
Often times, in the absence of not knowing what to do, we opt to “just keep busy”, “keep it moving”, or “keep at it” in other areas of our life.
Sometimes that “busy-ness” is keeping our minds too busy to hear the answer from God in our spirits that we so need.   
Our mind is filled with thoughts to accomplish all the “busy work” that we are filling our day with to keep busy.
Now I am not advocating laziness.  Don’t get me wrong.
But sometimes, we just need a time-out and a good heart-to-heart conversation with God to know the answers that we seek.
Just as you sit down with a close friend with no distractions to discuss an important matter, we also need time alone with God to discuss and hear from Him.
God is not the one who needs this time-out.   We do.
God has the answer all along, but if we keep busy and keep “running around like a chicken with its head cut off”, we can’t sit still long enough to hear that answer from God.
So take some time to sit still, tell God the problem that is on your mind, and be ready to just listen.
Write down what you hear God say to do.   
Sometimes our mind and our natural way of thinking is blown away by God’s way of thinking and His reply and answer.  But God doesn’t mind that you ponder and reflect on what He has said.  
Over the next days or weeks, if need be, go back to what you wrote down and refresh your memory and encourage your soul.
But get His reply and answer in your heart.  
Then just do it.

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