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A Tribute to Trevor

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BROOKSVILLE, Fla.- Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 the Hernando High Leopards JV football team played on their home turf against Citrus. But this was a different game. There was one player missing. 

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Just one week ago on September 12, the JV Leopards football team played against Springstead and it was a great game. Hernando dominated the Eagles 21-6, but sadly it was the last game one football player would play. JV football player Trevor Bowen ( No. 11) died the next morning.  

During Thursday night’s game, Hernando High School administrators and coaches along with friends and family conducted a half-time tribute to Trevor Bowen. The JV football team presented his parents with his Jersey signed by the team and a poster with messages from those that knew and loved him.  

The team played their hearts out and won 8-0 against Citrus. The game was dedicated to Trevor.

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