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School district police force discussion pulled from workshop agenda

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On Oct. 15, 2019 Hernando County Schools Superintendent John Stratton made the decision to remove the school district police force discussion from the upcoming Oct. 22 school board workshop, explaining that the district will continue to contract with the sheriff’s office for the school year beginning August 2020.

Stratton released the following statement:

“As Superintendent, I have made the decision to not move forward with placing the police force item on the next Board agenda.  We will continue to contract with the Sheriff’s Office to provide resource officers for our schools. This item will not be put forth for Board discussion at the October 22nd workshop and will not be placed on the October 22nd Board agenda for a vote.

“I greatly appreciate both the support and concerns expressed by community members for the district to establish its own police department. After weighing all the options, I feel the timing isn’t right for such a move.

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“I am confident that the current arrangement will keep our schools safe while allowing the district to focus on other priorities, including our continued improvement in academic achievement and securing impact fees to help offset the cost of growth.”

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