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HCA football players make top ten list

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Hernando Christian Academy (HCA) is a private school located on Emerson Road in Brooksville, FL. The school may be small, still, it’s packed with powerhouse athletes within their sports programs, and a few of those athletes are currently placed in the top ten not just in Florida under 6-man leader stats but in national and that’s including 11-man, according to the stats posted on MaxPreps.

HCA offense is the key to the team’s success and heavily dependent on the blocking executed by their offensive line. As Evan Klukowski stated in a previous phone interview: “They are everything; without them, we wouldn’t be able to do anything. Everything starts there, and our offensive line is definitely one of the strongest.”

Jordon Kilcrease is the top leader in rushing, scoring, and touchdowns for 6-man in the state of Florida, and only being a sophomore, there is nowhere to go but up. He could possibly make his personal mark in 6-man football history.

Kilcrease says that being a sophomore, he gets nervous because the whole team depends on him. “It’s a scary feeling.”

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Kilcrease still has an opportunity to improve his stats with playoffs just around the corner.  He will focused on the one team that the Lions lost to during their regular season.

“I am looking forward to Donuhaue, that’s the only team I am looking at,” Jordon said.

Senior Aiden Hopping is familiar with the game from playing flag football, but this is the first year he padded up and played tackle football.

“It’s a learning process, learning different techniques. It’s been great,” Aiden said.

Hopping is a homeschool student and having this opportunity to play football with HCA has been an excellent experience for him. 

“It’s been a little different because I don’t go to school with them. I think we have been able to get to know each other very well over the course of the season,” Aiden said. “It’s been good to learn how to work well as teammates, fight together and win together.”

Andrew Santerelli is also homeschooled but has been with the Lions since middle school.

“I’ve always been in sports, once I started playing tackle I found out that’s what I was good at,” Andrew said. “In my sophomore year, coach Raley started seeing I had the potential to be corner and that I can run. He put me out there and I started getting better ever since.”  

Lions Senior Austin Cain grew with the team, not only physically but mentally as well. 

“It’s been a road I had to walk. I used to be very small actually,” Austin said. “I played from the beginning of high school- in my first year we went to the championship. I watched all the seniors and juniors play on the field. I watched their determination and kind of inspired me to do the same and try as hard as I can, along with their help.”

Austin knows how it feels to be on the sidelines, waiting for his turn to get any field time, and during practices, he has the utmost respect for his teammates.

“With me pushing them, they push me too. They always try to make my life difficult so that I can get better. We work off of each other,” Austin said. 

Great things are coming into play for the Lions as they prepare for the 2019 FCAPPS six-man championship quarterfinals on November 8. They will need to focus and stay steady to face another battle with Donahue.  

“I think overall (for us) is to get in the best shape as we possibly can and work on the mistakes we made and learn how to avoid them next time,” Aiden said. “Be ready to give it whatever we got.”

Championship Playoff Game Bracket

Northern Division

Region 1: Riverside vs Hillsborough

Region 2: HCA vs First Coast


Southern Division

Region 1: Gainesville vs Bayshore

Region 2: Donahue vs Countryside


Below are the stat leaders gathered from MaxPreps.

Florida Football Stat Leaders Rushing

6-man Rushing in Florida

1: Jordon Kilcrease (1457 yards)

9: Evan Klukowski (459 yards)

12: Reilly Decker (382 yards)

6-11 man Rushing in Florida

16: Jordon Kilcrease

6-man Rushing in All States

9: Jordon Kilcrease

Florida Football Stat Leaders Scoring

6-man Scoring in Florida

1: Jordon Kilcrease (256 points)

8: Reilly Decker (67 points)

6-11 man Scoring in Florida

1: Jordon Kilcrease

6-man Scoring in All States

13: Jordon Kilcrease

Florida Football Stat Leaders Touchdowns

6-man Touchdowns in Florida

1: Jordon Kilcrease (40 touchdowns)

11: Reilly Decker (10)

6-11 man Touchdowns in Florida

1: Jordon Kilcrease

6-man Touchdowns in All States

3: Jordon Kilcrease

6-11 man Touchdowns in All States

14: Jordon Kilcrease

In Defense

Florida Football Stat Leaders Defense Sacks

6-man Defense Sacks in Florida

1: Austin Cain (26 Sacks)

2: Aiden Hopping (18 Sacks)

6-11 man Defense Sacks in Florida

1: Austin Cain

6: Aiden Hopping

6-man Defense Sacks in All States

1: Austin Cain

2: Aiden Hopping

6-11 man Defense Sacks in All States

3: Austin Cain

Florida Football Stat Leaders Interceptions

6-man Interceptions in Florida

1: Andrew Santerelli (9 Interceptions)

4: Jordon Kilcrease (4 Interceptions)

6-11 man Interceptions in Florida

5: Andrew Santerelli

6-man Interceptions in All States

3: Andrew Santerelli

6-11 Interceptions in All States

24: Andrew Santerelli

Florida Football Stat Leaders Tackles

6-man Tackles in Florida

4: Andrew Santerelli (74 Tackles)

Lisa MacNeil
Lisa MacNeil
Lisa MacNeil is a reporter for the Hernando Sun as well as a business technology developer, specializing in website development, content management systems, and data analysis.
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