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The Hernando Sun Newspapers In Education Registration is Open

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Registration is now open for the Hernando Sun’s 2020-2021 Newspapers in Education Program.  According to the Florida Press Education Services, “Newspaper in Education, or NIE, is an international program that promotes literacy by using the newspaper as a teaching tool. Through NIE programs, teachers use newspapers, in both print and digital form, as a “living textbook” to teach subjects such as history, reading, math, economics and government at all grade levels.”

Each week, participating educators will receive classroom print copies through the mail, an email with the teacher guide and a link to the digital edition.  If teachers have digital home learners in their classroom, the Hernando Sun can mail papers directly to these students.  Parents of digital home learners will need to fill out the registration form for their child in order to receive the print issue.  

Likewise, parents of homeschooled children are welcome to register their students too.

The registration form can be found here:

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Hernando Sun Publisher Julie Maglio remarks, “I am excited to begin another year of our Newspapers in Education program.  Many teachers have told me that their students have never laid hands on a print newspaper before. Students need to be exposed to a wide variety of texts to enhance literacy. In providing newspapers, we are giving educators the ability to teach their students about what type of information is found in a newspaper, how to interpret that information and think critically about issues and ideas presented.  Teachers often say that their students look forward to reading the paper and the lessons that go along with it.  A local newspaper provides a text form that students can relate to.  They are excited to learn about their community in a fun and engaging way.”


TDA #: 2023 155TD

TDA #: 2023 154TD

TDA #: 2023 193TD

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