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White Butterflies

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The passing of a loved one is an experience that comes with an immeasurable amount of pain, but for many, something extraordinary happens in the midst of mourning. 

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It’s been believed for a long time that butterflies are often signs from deceased loved ones. 

Since your loved one is now freed from their physical restrictions, they are able to manifest a part of their energy into insects and small animals. 

This may sound like something people say to try to make you feel better during times of grief, but a big reason people think this is because it happens consistently. There are just too many coincidences of butterflies being seen shortly after a friend’s or loved one’s passing. People often report butterflies landing on them and staying on them while they move about. Others report a butterfly fluttering around them and encircling them many times. Each report I’ve read, through multiple sites and channels, reveals how the person felt a connection with their loved one through the butterfly. 

For many cultures, both native and ancient, white butterflies symbolize purity and the presence of loved ones or angels. Butterflies are the symbol for one’s soul and often represent change and spiritual transformation. 

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Whether this is true to you, is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. Much like a family friend to one of my best friends. 

She lost her child 10 years ago to a tragic accident. Afterwards she sought out a psychic in search of closure. This psychic told her that white butterflies meant that her child was visiting or checking up on her.

She thought this was odd because she had never seen any white butterflies, so she put this to the back of her mind. 

A few weeks ago recently, this woman came home from work and while walking into her home a white butterfly started encircling her. What a wonderful, unexpected surprise. Was her son visiting her for the first time in 10 years? Was what the psychic said true? No matter, the momentary peace that filled her during this moment was enough to cherish forever.


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