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Notes from the Museums : The Military Room

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Veterans and their families who visit the May-Stringer Museum are often surprised to see the impressive collection of military uniforms and equipment. An entire room is dedicated to the display of this collection. Photographs and notes about the person who wore the uniform are also displayed when possible. 

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To name a couple of the uniforms of note: The World War I doughboy uniform now exceeds the 100-year-old mark; the short-waisted Eisenhower jacket in the collection is actually the lady’s version.

Of course, Civil War articles are of local interest. For instance, the 8-pound cannonball found on Shoal Line Blvd. in 2005 is on display along with other items from the Civil War period, like a somewhat sobering, surgeon’s kit full of instruments. A glimpse of the uniforms and memorabilia of military service reminds us to honor vets, especially on Veterans Day, and to appreciate their history.

The Museums are Open

 Reservations are recommended. The May-Stringer: Tours Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 352-799-0129        The 1885 Depot: Tours Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 352-799-4766 

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The Countryman One Room Schoolhouse: By appointment, 352-515-3054

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