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Hernando Sun authors and their books

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Many of the contributors to the Hernando Sun are published authors in book form as well. Their books cover a wide variety of topics from raising children to romance with chickens from children books to politics. Due to Covid-19 our authors have not been unable to attend book signings. If you have enjoyed their articles we recommend checking out their books. To find their books you can search by their names on Amazon.

Sarah Nachin

In addition to writing for The Hernando Sun, Sarah J. Nachin is a staff writer, published author, blogger, and speaker. She has three published works.

“Ordinary Heroes, Anecdotes of Veterans” is a compilation of true stories told by military veterans through five decades of conflict. “The Long Journey,” which she co-authored with Felicia McCranie is a Christian inspirational biography that tells of a woman’s search for redemption from a life of desperation and desolation. Her latest book is “The Odyssey of Clyde the Camel,” a whimsical humorous travelogue told through the eyes of a stuffed camel who accompanies his human companions on an adventure through Europe.

Sarah is currently working on two novels and a non-fiction book, along with writing essays and travelogues for her blog. She spends WAY too much time on Facebook contributing to her three professional pages: Sarah J. Nachin, Author; The Odyssey of Clyde the Camel; and Helping the Travel Industry Worldwide. Sarah also moderates a Facebook page for writers – Young Writers International.

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Ms. Nachin writes for two weekly newspapers, along with other freelance writing.

If you want to order any of her books or set up a speaking engagement (either in person or virtual) you can contact her through her Facebook pages or by emailing her at [email protected]

You can also find her books in paperback or kindle format on Amazon.

Excerpt from Sarah’s book: “Ordinary Heroes Anecdotes of Veterans”

A Battle Star for Betty

Beatrice “Betty” Rivers Gallagher was already settling into a career as an industrial nurse in 1943 when she heard the call to serve her country.

“I’d be sitting there in my office waiting for a patient to come in with a broken arm, cut finger, whatever. I had a radio on my desk and I’d hear: ‘Your country needs you. Your brother needs you.’ And I thought, ‘Well, I oughta go.’ I talked it over with one of the doctors I worked with and he said, ‘Betty, if you feel you should go, then go, because if you don’t, you’re always going to regret it.’ So, I enlisted in the Navy Reserves.”

Vincent Cardegin

Vincent Cardegin writes a humorous column for the Hernando Sun. He has collected his columns into two books: “Goofy Stuff” and “Papa Files.”

Excerpt from “Goofy Stuff” column Internal Fencing:

The other day I walked out of my office and almost tripped over one of my wife’s dogs. While catching my breath and thinking thankful thoughts that I didn’t have to cleanse elbow and knee rug-burns with hydrogen peroxide and use triple antibiotic ointment and go to the store for large bandages, it occurred to me that I should put a fence in the house.

I instantly envisioned the whole thing. There should be a hinged gate at the small hallway door between my office and my wife’s art room. Beyond that should be a two-foot tall wire fence that turns left and runs in front of the TV, and turns right in front of the living room windows. For that I would have to pull the end tables…

Toby Benoit

Toby Benoit is a native Floridian, born and raised on a small ranch outside of Tampa, Florida and is the owner of Rebel Yell Livestock Associates; dealing with cattle and small animals for the local farm auctions. He is also a professional outdoorsman who receives regular invitations to speak at events all across Florida. Toby began writing in 2002 after moving to a small farm.

Toby has published a number of western and woodsmen novels including: “Caloosahatchee,” “Shootoff!,” “Debalo,” “Tap Out,”  “Rebel Yell,”  and “For the Brand.”

Excerpt from Toby’s book “For the Brand”

Danny Fultz rode into the country of the Big Cypress looking for a meal and honest work on a ranch if there was any to be had. He found both with the Cracker cowboys of the Big Cypress Cattle Company at a time when it and two other of the large south Florida ranches were on the verge of war over missing stock and each accusing the other of rustling. Danny wasn’t looking for trouble, but his unwanted reputation as a gunfighter and former lawman caught up to him and pinned a target on him for the real rustlers behind the ranchers problems.

Domenick J. Maglio, Ph.D.

Domenick J. Maglio, PhD, has been a psychologist/educator working “in the trenches” for over forty-five years where he learned and tested these ideas as a university professor, clinical psychologist, family and child therapist, owner/director of college prep school. Dr. Maglio and his wife have four successful adult children and eleven grandchildren.

His books include “Invasion Within,” “Essential Parenting,” and “In-Charge Parenting.”

Excerpt from Domenick’s Book “Invasion Within”

Basic academic skills, moral values, and an appreciation of the greatness of our nation are disappearing across America. We are no longer teaching in-depth American and world history that demonstrates the exceptionalism of our great nation. Americans are systematically losing the knowledge of our culture, making it easier to indoctrinate our children into a new world order founded on Marxist doctrine. The result of this diluting of our basic culture is seen strikingly in our government schools.

Everyday Americans junior high and senior high students take part in a chaotic scene as they rush through their school hallways from one class to another. The running and shouting, displays of inappropriate affection, yelling put-downs, threatening, and bullying have become the rule rather than the exception in school. Administrators and teachers have diminished in status while the status of student bullies has skyrocketed.

Megan Hussey & Linda White-Francis

Community reporter Megan Hussey has been a Florida newspaper correspondent for more than 20 years, having previously served as a features columnist and education reporter for the Tampa Bay Times and the Tampa Tribune. She also has served as a contributor for national magazines and e-zines that include Dolls, New Woman, Groundwork, The Ladies Sampler, Orben’s Current Comedy, Harbour Lights, Legendary Women and Fangirltastic. She earned a Certificate of Appreciation from LINCS (Family Support Domestic and Sexual Violence Prevention Task Force) and Sunrise Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center for her newspaper coverage of these issues, and also was the winner of the Jacqui women’s literature award and the Altrusa Club Young Woman of the Year Award. She graduated cum laude from Ball State University in Muncie, Ind., with a journalism and English degree.

Linda White-Francis has been a journalist for nearly 30 years, of which the past 18 years she has penned numerous articles for such collectible publications as Doll Reader, Collectors Mart, Contemporary Doll Collector, Dolls, The Collector’s Magazine, Doll World, Barbie Bazaar, Doll Castle News, Toy Shop, Collectible Flea Market Finds, Doll Crafter, Warmans Todays Collector, & Doll Crafter.

Megan and Linda have collaborated on many books as well as authoring on their own.

Some of their books include “Holiday Hopes Anthology,” “Merry Christmas, India Stone,” “Must Love Chickens”

Excerpt from “Must Love Chickens”

Like sweet romance? Then you must love chickens. It has been contemplated for years which came first, the chicken or the egg? For Dr. Bethel Fisher it was definitely the chicken. And, if one wanted to gain this chick’s attention, one must love chickens. This dedicated agriscientist, a pioneer in her field, was far more interested in saving her fine feathered friends than landing a fine-figured man.

Grant Clark wasn’t a chicken, and he hated taking a back seat to a rooster named Ledger and a hen named Breezy, but he would do about anything to get closer to the love of his life, even if it meant growing feathers. This handsome ladies man was bound to convince his longtime crush that getting clucky in love could be almost as fun as discovering a scientific cure for a rare poultry disease. Almost.

Rocco Maglio
Rocco Magliohttps://www.roccomaglio.com
Rocco Maglio is a co-founder of the Hernando Sun. He grew up in Brooksville and graduated from Hernando High. He then worked in technology for starting in the early 1990s. He was fascinated by the potential of the Internet even though at the time there were not graphical browsers. He recently earned a Master of Science in Information Technology with a specialization in Cybersecurity.
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