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Artist Profile: Fulfilling a Dream

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Kimberly Dennis, of KD Art Designs, is a young woman who knows what she wants, although, achieving her dream has taken loads of planning, hard work, time, and momentum to implement.  She displays a remarkably positive attitude and her artistic prowess is her intense will-power and drives her to succeed. “It is paying-off,” she said humbly, and realizes she is living her dream right now!  Conducive to her creativity, she feels living on the Weeki Wachee River has certainly helped her atheistically. “I am so blessed to be living here.  I love it,” beamed Dennis the day of our interview. 

What is to follow is the Question and Answer dialogue I conducted with Kimberly Dennis on January 8, 2021.

What type of art are you involved in? What, why, when, and where?
What – I am an artist that paints murals, furniture, does faux finishes (making walls look like leather, wood paneling, etc.) and I also build and create fun signs from repurposed wood. Many of the signs I make are the popular farmhouse style signs. 
Why – I love creating unique and fun art pieces for homeowners and businesses to truly enjoy! 
When – I work seven days a week painting and creating art. 
Where – I work out of Hernando County, mostly in the Weeki Wachee and Hernando Beach area. I live in Weeki Wachee on the River. 

What inspires you the most about your love of your craft? I love taking on new projects and seeing how far I can push and grow my talent. 

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When did you begin working with your woodworking? I started painting murals back in 2002, but I started woodworking and building signs and other creations in 2020. 

How many hours a week do you devote to your art? I devote about 35-40 hours per week to my art. 

What types of people are interested in what you craft?  EVERYONE! I have made signs for porches, decks, house numbers, gifts for family and so many people love having murals or textured walls in their homes and businesses. 

Do you have your own business, where is it located? I do own my own business and I work out of my home in Weeki Wachee. Most of my business is conducted at the homeowner’s location or place of business where I do the painting. 

Do you have a website? No. But, I do have a Facebook page. Page: https://www.facebook.com/KDArtDesigns

Do you do any community work? I do river clean up regularly, as a resident of the river, preserving our river is very important to me. 

Please feel free to elaborate on what is most important to you concerning your art. – Happy customers. I work hard to always have happy customers. For each mural I do, my clients get a color sample of the exact painting I will be doing on their wall so they can approve/make changes before I paint it. I also share my designs for custom sign orders with my clients to approve as well, which really ensures each customer is getting exactly what they are envisioning for their unique art piece. I also love interacting with people and seeing their smiles when they see the finished piece. 

Kimberly Dennis
Owner of KD Art Designs
[email protected]


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