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Official Election Mail-Read and Respond

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In recent months many voters have received signature update letters from the Elections Office. These letters were triggered due to signatures not matching when an initiative petition was signed and verified by our office. If you received a letter requesting that your signature be updated and you did not sign a petition, it is important that you call our office immediately. Otherwise, return the letter promptly so your record can be updated.

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It is possible that your information was placed on a petition and signed by someone else. We are working diligently to track down potential forgeries, however we need your help! Numerous cases have already been turned over to our State Attorney’s office. Here are some key points to remember regarding mailings from the Elections Office:

  • If you receive mail from our office and it is not for anyone currently residing at your home-return this by placing it back in your mailbox and writing- Does not live here.
  • If the mailing is asking you for some action, do not ignore it. Our voter records are only as accurate as = you help make them.
  • All mailings from this office have an election logo that says, “Official Election Mail”.
  • It is a voters responsibility to keep their record up to date at the Elections office. We can be reached daily at 352-754-4125 or by email at [email protected]
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