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Preview of Sarah J. Nachin’s The Ghost of Sarey Jane

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Local author Sarah J. Nachin has just completed her fourth book and first novel, The Ghost of Sarey Jane. It’s a Southern Gothic tale in the spirit of (no pun intended) Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell and The Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers that feature young, strong female protagonists determined to achieve their goals.

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Without comparing herself to these esteemed authors, Sarah describes her novel as Romeo and Juliet meets Hamlet with a touch of To Kill a Mockingbird. It takes place during two time periods−the early 1900s and the mid-1980s.

The Ghost of Sarey Jane will appeal not just to fans of Southern Gothic literature and ghost stories but also to history buffs and those who enjoy sweet innocent romance.

The main portion of the novel depicts life in the rural south just prior to World War I. The characters are not stereotypes but realistically-drawn people of their time−the poor, the middle-class, white and African-American. She thoroughly researched that time period to make sure everything in the novel was accurate.

The last portion of the novelties up the loose ends and focuses on long-buried secrets finally brought to light.

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As a romance author, I found Sarah Nachin’s The Ghost of Sarey Jane to be moving, well-written, and hauntingly romantic. Sarah took us on an amazing journey through time and place that proved love is truly timeless. A must-read!

The Ghost of Sarey Jane will be published in May 2022 by Chamber Court Publishing.

Sarah Nachin
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