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Protruding manhole covers to be fixed

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Drivers on US 41 (Broad Street) MLK south to Route 50 and in front of the Winn Dixie store in Brooksville won’t have to navigate manhole covers that protrude up from the pavement much longer, according to a spokesman from the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). As part of the FDOT’s resurfacing of US 41 (Broad Street) between Ingram Street and Lamar Avenue, work on the segment is raising safety concerns for drivers because work at the site seems to be complete even though manhole covers are not flush with the rest of the pavement.

According to FDOT Community Outreach manager John McShaffrey, APR work at the site by crews from the project’s contractor Ajax Paving Industries of Florida LLC got underway on Friday, April 1, and even though the paving project seems to be complete, crews have been working at the site nightly.

“They will be continuing to work on the final layer of asphalt over the next few weeks,” McShaffrey said. “Weather permitting, all of the final paving should be completed this month, which will bring the roadway up to the level of the manhole covers.”

According to the FDOT, the entire project consisting of the resurfacing US 41 (Broad Street) between Ingram Street and Lamar Avenue carries a construction cost of $9.2 million. As part of the project, the intersection of US 41 and Wiscon Road will be rebuilt using concrete, and new medians are proposed at multiple locations along the corridor.

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The entire project is expected to be completed by Spring 2023.

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