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Notes from the museums: Sleeping porch

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Hot nights are routine here in Florida. Most of us have the luxury of air conditioning to help lull us to sleep. Before the invention of A/C, however, a person might find relief by sleeping outside on a porch. The May-Stringer Museum has a very unique feature known as a sleeping porch.

The narrow balcony on the third floor is accessed from the attic. The household cook or housekeeper or even a young member of the family may have had a bed under the unfinished roof of the west gable. The window there extends to the floor and would allow a person to crawl out with a pillow and a quilt for a mat. Catching a breeze up there would surely have been a welcome elixir for sleeplessness!

The Museum Schedules
The May-Stringer tours on Tuesday – Saturday from 11 am – 3 pm – 352-799-0129
The 1885 Depot tours on Friday – Saturday from noon – 3 pm – 352-799-4766
The Countryman One Room Schoolhouse is open on Saturdays from noon – 3 pm – 352-515-3054

View from the sleeping porch at the May-Stringer House.
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