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Not like in the movies

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Venice Fire Rescue reported that they received a call around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday, November 16th, for a vehicle accident near Pinebrook Rd. and Pinebrook Way intersection. A Nissan Maxima was traveling south on Pinebrook Rd. when its driver drove up a car carrier and crashed near the top, leaving it hanging over the edge precariously close to falling off.

It appears that the driver came upon the car carrier with the ramps down in the road, and the driver decided to race up the car carrier at a high rate of speed. The intention seems to be to jump off the car carrier and continue on. Most likely, the car’s shocks would not have taken the force of the jump, but movies and TV repeatedly show successful jumps.

The fire department reported that the car carrier dropped a vehicle off at a nearby residence when the accident occurred. The car carrier was parked with its hazard lights flashing, so it was clearly visible. It was parked under a streetlight with the ramps down when the vehicle struck it.

When units arrived on the scene, they found an uninjured middle-aged male sitting inside the vehicle. The rescue team told the male driver to remain still until crews could stabilize the vehicle. They used industrial straps to secure the front of the vehicle to the car carrier, then had a wrecker stabilize it from the rear. The rescue team then safely extricated the driver from the vehicle. There were no injuries and the scene was turned over to Venice Police for investigation. Venice Police Department cited the driver for careless driving.

Rocco Maglio
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