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Local bakeries on track for their Valentine’s Day sweet treats: Cupcake Heaven

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Cupcake Heaven, located on U.S. 19 close to the entrance to Timber Pines, has been a tradition in Hernando County for 14 years. It’s a family-owned and operated business managed by Diane Leavitt.

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All Cupcake Heaven cupcakes are made on the premises and are always made fresh daily.
“I, and my husband, Patrick, and Denise Geddes are here every morning at the crack of dawn to start baking our batches at 6 a.m,” said Diane. “All our cupcakes are made from scratch right here in our little bakery; we have a love of baking.”

“Each day, we make anywhere from nine to thirteen different varieties of cupcakes,” she said. “We only bake our cupcakes in small batches using recipes from family, friends, and various cookbooks.

Many of our cupcakes come with fillings inside, which we also make fresh daily, and, of course, all of our frostings are homemade.”
Cupcake Heaven currently has 25 recipes that are favorites with their customers. Cupcakes like carrot cake, strawberry, Oreo, vanilla, and chocolate are made daily. Still, other flavors can be made daily based on customer requests and whatever they want to experiment with.

“Right now, we are busy baking batches for Valentine’s Day, and I couldn’t do it all without my wonderful staff and friends,” said Diane. “Victoria is my cake decorator and my right hand. I am blessed to have so many people who help me,” she said. “There’s Ada, Caroline, Roseann, Cindy, Sandy, Erica,” she said.

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Cupcake Heaven also offers sugar-free cupcakes and cupcakes sensitive to special dietary needs like gluten-free and dairy-free and allergies.

If You Go
Cupcake Heaven is located at
2721 Forest Rd,
Spring Hill, FL

Phone: 352.610.4433

Wednesday through Saturday 11 to 6 pm.

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