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One busy ‘Cake Lady’

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Angela Galuzzo, since childhood, knew she wanted to be a baker. She did a lot of baking with her aunt, who was a professional baker, and they still share a strong relationship, regularly bouncing ideas off each other on recipes and designs.

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Angela’s bakery kicked off from her home. She had suffered a serious knee injury and needed to find a source of income. A proficient baker, she enjoyed making cakes for her children and friends. Before she knew it, she was making cakes for everyone from her home kitchen.

“I came to Spring Hill from New Jersey when my kids were little, so I got very involved in the local community,” she said. “And that’s how my bakery business started seven years ago.”

Known locally as “The Cake Lady,” Angela now has her own shop called Your Confection Connection, which opened just two years ago.
February is a very busy time for her. “I usually begin Valentine’s Day preparations a month ahead of time,” said Angela. “We demo bake and taste different flavors, and then we take photos of our demo cakes for our Facebook page. Then we start ordering and preparing everything because we bake to order.”

Your Confection Connection specializes in Italian pastries and also has a full line of specialty cupcakes — 103 varieties, to be exact.
“Desserts are the perfect gift to give to people you care about,” said Angela. “Our cannoli is the most popular choice, along with Lobster Tails and Sfogliatelle.”

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“We’ve been in ‘love mode’ for a while, which means it’s all hands on deck for Valentine’s Day cakes,” she said. “I have four employees, and they work wonders to make sure everything runs smoothly,” Angela added. “We can usually fulfill last-minute requests and orders too and deliver through Doordash, which is a great option for people to schedule ahead of time.”

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