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Critical info regarding COVID-19 and the vaccines

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It is always a challenge writing a story concerning the whole COVID/vaccine “agenda” (and that is exactly what it was). I recently discovered two very informative resources on the subject, and today’s story is one that EVERY media source, not only in this country, but THE WHOLE WORLD, should be covering.

The first resource is a Youtube video produced by a group calling themselves “Grassroots Army,” titled, “MUST WATCH About Vaccine Injuries! Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies in Pennsylvania Senate.” The podcast starts with Sen. Doug Mastriano welcoming Dr. Peter McCullough and his brave testimony regarding the damaging effects of the COVID-19 vaccines and how the government agencies, like the FDA (Food & Drug Administration), and the CDC (Center for Disease Control), knew about it but kept silent.

The doctor states that as many of the “Legacy Media” groups could easily do a report on this massive health problem, they (almost all) chose to be silent about it. Before I get too far into this, I will tell you that I met both Senator Mastriano and Dr. McCullough when I traveled with the convoy up to the Capital in Harrisburg, Pa (from the temporary encampment of “The People’s Convoy” in Hagerstown, Maryland). This was one of the chief issues that the “People’s Convoy” tried to bring attention to (that being the vaccine mandates being forced on the truckers and the general workforce).

Dr. McCullough is probably one of the foremost medical authorities regarding diseases and vaccine-related injuries and deaths in the United States. Although the vaccines have just recently been discontinued (in many areas), the news and information about their high rates of adverse incidents are not being reported (as much as should be done). Also, this interview with Dr. McCullough shows just how dangerously wrong both the government and the medical communities have been. I liken it to a charge of manslaughter (being that the mass vaccine dangers were known), and either the people in charge were TOO STUPID to find out the truth, or they were TOO AFRAID of what may happen to them if they EXPOSED THE TRUTH! I always thought that those doctors sworn to the “Hippocratic Oath” would treat lifesaving medicine (and procedures) as a top priority.

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The second video resource that I’ll share is also from Youtube (and the Grassroots Army team), titled “Must Watch! Dr. David Martin’s presentation during the International Covid Summit.” This doctor (like Dr. McCullough) speaks of the origins of the disease (around 1967)! Dr. Martin explains how the research was done in Chapel Hill, NC, from around 1990 through a couple of decades. The American scientists found out that the vaccines (for this Covid problem) will not work (the way all other vaccines do)! In 2002, the workers at said university came up with a new phrase. And a new patent was borne for the “Infectious Replicative Defective Clone” (meaning a “Bioweapon”). And this piece of “American Evil” was funded and overseen by none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci! (They engineered SARS to attack human beings). A patent was also filed in 2003 for SARS Coronavirus isolated from humans! They downloaded a sequence from China and patented it in the U.S. (which was a crime). This virus was labeled earlier (by Dr. Martin himself) in the U.K. as a biological weapon in 2002, then again in 2003. In 2005, it was designated as a weapon platform! It was then labeled as a “Bio-Warfare Agent!”

Also, he stated that in 2014, as the labs in North Carolina were told that they could no longer operate around the SARS Coronavirus, they actually could continue using monies that had PREVIOUSLY BEEN GRANTED! They actually got an exemption! Moving their funds and their work over to Wuhan in China made it look like it was someone else’s screw-up. (Now for the big tell)! It was published in 2016 that the SARS Covid Coronavirus was poised FOR HUMAN EMERGENCE! Folks, I am not making this up! By the way, that strain that was so devastating was labeled “WIV-1” (for Wuhan Institute of Virology). In 2019, the patents’ wordings were “modified” to show an “Accidental or Intentional “release of the virus. In September 2019, world leaders were informed that they would be dealing with an accidental or intentional release of a dangerous pathogen (not from a bat)! The patent for the vaccine was granted MANY MONTHS before the first cases of human sicknesses were “found.”

I remember reading a publication that was asking for people to manage large facilities where a major infectious disease pathogen would be affecting people. (AND I REMEMBER SEEING THAT IN EARLY NOVEMBER BEFORE IT CAME ACROSS FROM CHINA)!

In Dr. Martin’s final remarks, he said, “The intent was to get the world aware of, and in acceptance of a universal vaccine mandate. And to sustain the funding base, the key will be in getting the media hype to “make this work, then the investors will follow.” He said that nature and science were “hijacked,” and that medical morality was suspended. (Man, what an understatement). This was premeditated domestic terrorism on a worldwide scale!

Dr. Martin then ended his statements with a multi-pointed list of suggestions. The greatest of these is that the military-industrial, medical, and scientific complexes stay away from further advances unless they can take 100 percent responsibility for each and every person damaged or who would have died from the results of their actions. Now I know that this message I am bringing you is controversial, but I believe these two doctors (before I will believe Dr. Fauci)!

Now I leave this charge on “y’all”; If you love your country (but moreover), love your family members and friends, you will (if possible) look at these two doctors in the above-mentioned videos. And I would also advise you to have a pen or pencil and a good writing tablet to take notes on. Or, if you are a lot better at working with your computers and/or smartphones (than me), you can cut and paste to your heart’s delight. I have spoken before about how the “Globalist power brokers” want to see a “New World Order,” and to do this, they need to crush the wills of those of us that are looking to keep this great nation going. It is now time for US to do what needs to be done. “Let’s Roll!”

Steven Goodwin
Steven Goodwin
Steve Goodwin is a recently retired Christian conservative veteran (of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division), who still feels that "duty to country" did not end when the military uniform got hung up. He and his wife Cecelia live on the edge of a beautifully wooded tract of land just south of the bypass, and are involved in not only church activities, but also attend school board meetings and local community action events as well.
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