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Being an American is…(from our readers)

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“Being an American is a privilege; it means obeying our laws – all of them. It means respecting our military, police and firemen, and most especially our flag. While now it’s not a crime anymore, it’s a disgrace that anyone would burn it in protest. Our politics and who we vote for is a right many other countries do not offer; it should be allowed only for citizens period. Law breakers should not be coddled, but should receive appropriate punishment for their crime(s). America was always looked up to as one of the most revered democracies in the world. The current political climate is destroying so much that was good in the USA, and that should not be tolerated. I want America to be looked up to, not jeered by anyone who doesn’t appreciate what our country has always been and hopefully will be again. God Bless America”

-Eileen Spadea

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