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Being an American is…(from our readers)

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Being an American is an honor and a privilege. My German ancestors left the town of Duehren, Germany, in the Neckar River Valley, seeking freedom from the endless wars of Europe. Using river boats they followed the Rhine river to Rotterdam, Holland, and on April 16, 1751, they boarded the British merchant ship Brothers bound for the British colonies. George Brentz and his brother Philip arrived in Philadelphia and gave their oath to the King of Great Britain at City Hall. Both George and Philip later served in the Revolutionary War, as did their younger brothers Gottlieb and Godfrey, both born in Pennsylvania. The family name changed from Brentz to Printz and Prince, but all three names are used in the USA today. George entered Revolutionary War service as a lieutenant in 1778; he was promoted to Captain which was signed by Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson; his tombstone is inscribed “Aide to General Washington;” he was present at the surrender of General Cornwallis; and his name appears on a brass plate at the Valley Forge Memorial Bell Tower dedicated to Revolutionary patriots. This history was memorialized in the book “INTO THE VALLEY – A History of the Printz/Prince Family of the Shenandoah,” by Charles Francis Printz, Sr. and Hugh Ellison Voress. My ancestors were present when the greatest nation in history was in its infancy, and they represent only one of the many nationalities responsible for forging our Democratic Republic. I am proud to be an American and pray that the United States will once again regain its stature among the nations of the world by providing peace, wisdom and leadership.

-Gene Printz

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