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Yet another reminder of these crazy times

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From what I can deduce, on the 4th of October, there will be an emergency broadcast message sent out at 2:20 p.m. and supposedly lasting up to 2:50 p.m. This action will involve all sorts of media, from the “legacy channels” (that can be picked up over the airwaves and through the old antennas) to iPads, iPhones, car radios, and just about anything else that involves public communications. Now, naturally, there is a lot of speculation and some wild “guestimations.”

Apparently, the government cyber-control forces that keep our grid safe from foreign hacking threats have picked up some “chatter,” stating that we could be hit with a major event aimed at our critical supply centers. It would not be the first time that a major hack event was tried against this country, and you can bet your hard-earned dollars that it will not be the last.

Being the partial prepper that I am, I figured that this would be a good time for me to show you all yet another device that can be added to your survival kit. The package placed on the calendar is a portable water filtration device, and according to the description (for usage directions), it can clean upwards of 100,000 gallons! You can fill up water or soda bottles from a stream or retention pond, and I have even seen people “on the web” fill cans with toilet water and drink that. (Personally, I would have to be mighty thirsty to go there, but again, I NEVER SAY NEVER!)

I used to carry one of these around with me for when I had to pack on short notice and drive a truck to some point that had just been through (what local town folk would call) a nightmarish scenario. And by having to survive not hours or days but weeks at a time out of the cab of a semi-tractor, one can learn to find what will keep you alive (and healthy) when the good times have completely vanished.

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I also recall the first time I asked for a glass of water at a run-down truck stop outside of New Orleans, Louisiana (early 1980s). Another driver was watching me pick up the plastic cup, and before I took a swig, he said, “You must be new to these parts. Have you ever had their water?” I soon found out what he was talking about as I forced it down my throat. Looking back at that day, I have come to the conclusion that you could have blindfolded me and set the cup a foot from where I was sitting, and I would have smelled it. The rest of the time that I went in to grab something to eat at this establishment, I made sure to pick up a factory-filled bottle of drinking water!

I have also seen many people (including some in my own family) who require a purified source of water, as their bodies (and intestines) would put up a memorable revolt if forced to “imbibe with the locals.” We remember the difficult times, and if we are smart, we learn valuable lessons to not only help ourselves through the next turbulence but also help our family members and friends.

These purification devices can be found at most sporting goods stores as well as the Walmart nearest you. Now would be a good time to spend a few bucks and toss one in each vehicle. When they are really needed, they will be in as high demand as the bottles of water (which will fly off the shelves in quick order).

I recall the madness I witnessed at a local Walmart (about 25 miles west of Houston) when I did emergency duty after Hurricane Harvey. Word got out that they were only going to be able to keep the store open for 8 hours that day. I happened to share in that mayhem (as I was buying a 10-speed bicycle to strap on the back of the fuel tanker trailer). People rushed the entrance doors (worse than if it were the day after Thanksgiving sale), and they were piling their carts to near overflowing. The manager got on the intercom and asked the people to respect not only the other customers but also to adhere to the “hoarding rules” (of only getting two cases of bottled water) as well as the notes placed on many other products. That was a memory that will stick with me for quite a while!

I tell you all these stories because I feel that someone who may have never had to face a survival situation but reads my tales and adventures may pick up a nugget of wisdom that could help them in the future. This is my hope (along with the hope that we never have to face any of these scenarios). And (if you can think of it), put a little mark on the 4th day of October on your calendar, and should all the bells and whistles go off, you can smile and tell yourself, “I was ready for that!” May you all have a good (and blessed) week.

Steven Goodwin
Steven Goodwin
Steve Goodwin is a recently retired Christian conservative veteran (of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division), who still feels that "duty to country" did not end when the military uniform got hung up. He and his wife Cecelia live on the edge of a beautifully wooded tract of land just south of the bypass, and are involved in not only church activities, but also attend school board meetings and local community action events as well.
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