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Economic Independence vs. the Green New Deal and “Economic Growth”

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As promised in the last newspaper article, this article and the ones following it will go into detail about the Green New Deal, vs. genuine American stewardship. There is a black and white contrast between one verses the other in their effect on the American economy.

There are four fundamental areas of legitimate interest and responsibility regarding the environment:

1. Land conservation
A. The ground/soil
B. Trees, forestry and plants, parks
C. Farmland
D. The water supply
E. Natural resources under the ground, from which we get much of the nation’s and the world’s energy.
2. Animal life
3. Ocean, underwater life
4. The air, and the three layers of the atmosphere- the troposphere, stratosphere and mesosphere.

All four areas should be the interest and concern of all citizens and the leadership on the state and local levels. However, over time, far too much of this responsibility was ceded to the federal government. Additionally, many of the environmental groups that have existed over time have rightfully earned a bad reputation. As a result of their reputation and that of the Green New Deal, the legitimate interests and concerns regarding the environment have often continued to be overlooked, and anyone who mentions such a concern regarding this area is automatically viewed with a high degree of suspicion. This keeps genuine interests and priorities held down in desperate silence and allows destructive federal programs and agencies to continue due to lack of a better answer.
Of the four areas of the environment listed, the Green New Deal and its many tentacles generally target the underground natural resources in the first category and the air and stratosphere in the fourth. This is the middle layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, and it contains the ozone layer.
The underground resources are the source of most of our energy. This includes coal, oil, natural gas and gasoline. The Green New Deal seeks to put these resources out of reach as much as possible. Its stated premises are basic. It claims that mankind has used and wasted far too much fossil fuel energy and that it is increasingly scarce. Another premise is that the widespread, long-term usage of these energy sources, as well as man-made chemicals such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and auto emissions, serve to irreparably harm the ozone layer, leading to greater U.V. rays and a hotter worldwide climate. Because of the risk of running out of these resources and because of their supposed threat to the ozone layer, it is said that a “transition” to other energy sources, other forms of power and transportation, and replacements for CFCs are necessary.
As mentioned in the previous article, at least one new federal agency would be needed to begin assuming federal control of the nation’s resources, energy supply and the capitalist system, and at least one federal agency would be needed to carry forward the indoctrination needed to make the plan succeed.
These two agencies are the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.
There have been many studies, books, researchers and interviews over a long period of time that go into the science showing the true reality of the environment, and which demonstrate why the two basic premises for the Green New Deal are false. These sources are too numerous and the information is too extensive to mention all of them here, but four of them will be mentioned. They are very reliable sources and recommended reading. Additionally, the reader is encouraged to search for more of this valuable information on his own.

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These sources can be found on AbeBooks.com:

1. The Holes In The Ozone Scare: The Scientific Evidence That the Sky Isn’t Falling, by Rogelio A. Maduro and Ralf Schauerhammer

2. Hot Talk, Cold Science, by S. Fred Singer, with David Legates and Anthony R. Lupo

3. The Truth about Energy, Global Warming, and Climate Change: Exposing Climate Lies in an Age of Disinformation, by Jerome R. Corsi Phd

4. Black Gold Stranglehold, by Jerome R. Corsi and Craig R. Smith

Once the truth about both the environment and the Green New Deal is known, the more the reader can grasp all of the unnecessary and counterproductive changes that have been made in industry over the past 30 years- not because those changes were needed or were called for by the free market, but because of unnecessary government control. This serves to favor just a handful of very large corporate entities at the expense of many smaller or midsize entities- businesses that comprise the regular American economy without the stock market.
In addition to the Department of Energy (formed in 1978) are six other federal agencies which are expressly concerned with energy, pollution and the Ozone Layer:

-The EPA (First agency- formed in 1970)
-Council On Environmental Quality
-Energy Information Administration
-Energy Star Program
-Office of Environmental Management
-Fossil Energy

The presence of these and other agencies comprises much of the budget size/spending problems of the federal government in recent years, for the larger the government is, the more spending- usually deficit spending- is required to feed the leviathan. Increased deficit spending causes more inflation. More inflation means devaluation of the currency and a weakening of its purchasing power.
The regulations, mandates and penalties that accompany these agencies, combined with the additional inflationary spending, serve to rig, distort and weaken industry almost beyond recognition, putting many valuable, smaller enterprises out of business entirely while others are forced to go overseas.
The first areas of the country to be affected by these problems are the big cities since they are the areas with the highest population and are the centers of innovation and industry, culture and the fine arts. When the cities suffer from these problems, there is a high level of unemployment, greater poverty, despair and crime, with people being driven from the cities into the suburbs and rural areas of America. Greater unemployment, in turn, means even more spending, with less revenue to spend. More people leaving the cities means the worsening of all of the cities’ other problems. Thus a vicious cycle of decline. When this happens, it also disrupts the other areas of the country, taking away from the freedom, culture, space, beauty and privacy of rural and suburban America.
It is possible to have these problems, with the United States being very reliant on China and unable to make many of its own goods, yet have “economic growth.” This “economic growth” is largely the Marxist’s attempt to give the general public an illusion of prosperity, thus successfully bringing down the nation by giving it a soft landing. This “economic growth” is accomplished by adding more “clutter” to an otherwise beautiful, quiet and peaceful part of the country, such as this county: additional gas stations, storage facilities, fast-food restaurants, dollar stores, auto-parts stores, and more homes jammed onto less land. Therefore, “economic growth” is not the desirable goal to reach; It is economic independence. To a large degree, the existence of all of these problems is a result of the ill-conceived environmental agenda. Therefore, in this new year, one of the most important things that people can do, after looking back over the past 30 years, is to decide that this federal agenda is no substitute for true American stewardship of the land, and it is not worth holding onto for even one more day.

Alex Doss is a musician and involved in piano technology in the Hernando county area, especially prior to 2020, and also has other areas of interest and knowledge.

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