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The Power of the Womb

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By Soraya Diaz, LMT, Reiki Master/Teacher & Janea DeLoach, LMT, Womb Healing Guide

For centuries, many women have been told to prioritize caring for others, often at the expense of their own well-being. This phenomenon has been normalized as a job or obligation, leading to a lack of awareness about its potential health consequences. We must break the cycle of teaching young girls that their primary objective is to be likable and accommodating. We must refrain from glorifying the notion of doing it all and start honoring limitations and self-care. There is a lack of understanding that a woman who has been conditioned to please others while sacrificing her own needs will eventually develop a body that rebels against her. A body that bears the marks of the secrets and betrayals she has lived through. All these secrets and memories are stored in our womb/uterus.

The womb, a multifaceted organ, embodies physical and spiritual dimensions. It supports fetal development and childbirth while also providing emotional and psychological support by housing powerful memories and offering intuitive guidance and self-worth. Every encounter, whether loving or not, leaves an energetic imprint in the womb, influencing women’s emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

Across cultures, the womb is revered as a sacred center of power and creativity, symbolizing the birth of ideas and connection to the divine feminine. Understanding this is crucial during the transition from maiden to mother.

Caring for new mothers and providing support to those who have previously undergone this change is a cultural practice that is taken seriously around the world. The belief is that the quality of care during this period can greatly impact future health issues and ailments, encompassing both physical and mental aspects. Therefore, womb care is crucial!

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As women who are creating life, our bodies undergo numerous transformations! Hormones fluctuate, our bodies adjust to accommodate new life, and we must nourish both ourselves and the developing human being, all while managing daily tasks and preparing for childcare. That’s a lot!

Not to mention the actual act of childbirth itself, which is amazing. We must all be aware that we cannot magically snap back. It is crucial to give extra love to our wombs and our bodies during this sensitive time.

Womb healing can be a combination of regular postpartum appointments, Doula services and a holistic practice aimed at nurturing and rejuvenating the womb as a central aspect of feminine health. The holistic practice of womb healing, currently being offered at our healing center, involves a range of techniques and approaches, including massage, energy work, Reiki, meditation, and yoni steaming, all designed to address and heal physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects related to the womb. Massages can be a lovely way to care for and nourish the space. Massage, an ancient technique, reunites the woman’s spiritual potential, activates personal healing, and unites the core wisdom of the “ Womb-Heart connection,” allowing access to genuine beauty and profound self-awareness.

Massage provides several benefits, such as hormone regulation, improved circulation, reduced swelling, relief from insomnia, body aches, and pains. Moreover, it can also stimulate milk production in some individuals. Abdominal focus massage can help stimulate uterine contractions to eliminate any remaining matter after childbirth and aid in the settling of the uterus and other organs into homeostasis.

Reiki ( including our signature ReikiMassage) and meditation are excellent tools for finding balance. Womb Reiki promotes healing from within by gently releasing energetic blockages and allowing the free flow of vital life force energy.

To aid with womb healing, we offer Yoni steaming, a healing method used for centuries within various cultures residing in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

It provides both spiritual and physical benefits while using cleansing and replenishing herbs that help the uterus and allow it to continue to shed any remaining fluids known as Lochia, removing bacteria that may cause infection and releasing oxytocin, which is the ‘feel-good’ hormone that can combat postpartum depression.

It’s important to note our wombs deserve care beyond just the postpartum period. The womb, as we explained before, is a source of power and wisdom, a vital part of our energetic system and the foundation of a woman’s inner guidance, holding the key to unlocking her full potential and overall well-being. By connecting with this powerful source of energy, we can tap into our inner wisdom and creativity, allowing us to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. However, if we neglect to address the suppressed emotions and energetic blocks in our womb, it can lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, and disconnection from our true purpose and joy.

Our womb healing sessions ( Ma Solace sessions) may be beneficial for manifestations relating to:
• Irregular or painful menstrual cycles or manifestations in your womb from endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, ovarian cysts
• Menopause
• Infertility
• Miscarriage or experienced baby loss
• Hysterectomy and want to connect with your womb
• Preparing for birth and postpartum aftercare
• Those finding difficulty coping with the aftermath of assault
• … And for those of you who are just looking to awaken your divine feminine energy

Remember that there are always steps you can take for yourself, like yoni steaming at home, womb-centered yoga poses or hip openers, meditation or guided meditations found online that focus on connecting with your womb, learning the phases of your menstrual cycles, finding community with other women, and anything else that helps you feel more connected to this space.

As women, we must remember that taking care of ourselves is not selfish. It is our birthright. We are often so focused on caring for others that we forget about our own needs. Let us remind each other to prioritize our own happiness and well-being and to be proactive in our own lives.

For your healing journey, you can always reach out to us. We are trained professionals and a group of women committed to supporting you.

And if you are a mom or a mom-to-be, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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