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Hernando County Officially a Second Amendment Sanctuary

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During the Dec. 18, 2019 meeting, Hernando County Commissioner Steve Champion introduced the topic of resolving to recognize the county as a Second Amendment Sanctuary or County.  The language of the resolution was discussed but not settled.

County Attorney Garth Coller interjected, “I was the problem here, I thought the consensus was different.  All we really need from the board members is to clarify whether you wanted to use the word ‘county’ or use the word ‘sanctuary’ at the end of (the phrase) ‘second amendment.’  

The board voted unanimously to adopt the resolution that Hernando County is a Second Amendment Sanctuary. 

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Purely ceremonial, the goal of the resolution is to demonstrate that the county stands by the Second Amendment as stated in the US Constitution.  Champion said, “…The municipalities are stepping up, they’re saying that …‘Hey, we abide by the constitution , the second amendment’s important.’ ”


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