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Letter of Appreciation to Hernando School District Staff

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To all Hernando School District staff, 

It is with respect and admiration that the members of the Hernando School Board extend our appreciation to all of you who have responded admirably during this public health crisis. Certainly, no one had a playbook to guide us through a pandemic but as the reality of COVID -19 came to disrupt just about every function and service, the staff of this school district collaborated and worked quickly in order to build new systems in response to this crisis. 
United as a team, you went to work redirecting resources, shuffling services, deploying tools and retooling instruction so learning, and some normalcy, could continue. It was not perfect. But it was impressive. Even as details about the virus were only emerging, you maintained the focus on helping students and families navigate this difficult and rapidly changing situation. As stewards of the school-to- home connection, each of you helped to bridge the distance gap with creativity, sensitivity, humor and good will. Whether you provided meals, sanitized offices, answered phone calls, connected families to resources or led a virtual classroom, your actions brought comfort to worried parents and a sense of calm for students who were afraid. What you did mattered. 
We do not yet know what tomorrow brings but as your School Board, we are confident that the right folks are on the job. You are an emergency response force of the highest order and we thank you for all that you did, and continue to do, to encourage students and serve our community. 

With respect and gratitude. 

John Stratton, Superintendent Susan Duval, Board Chair Linda Prescott, Vice Chair, and Members Gus Guadagnino, Kay Hatch and Jimmy Lodato 

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